Registration of Interest for iPhone X

For business customer who wish to register your interest for iPhone X, please visit
Before you register your interest, do make sure you have no outstanding bills with us! You can easily pay your bills here.
All fields are mandatory.
Only customers who have registered their interest and are eligible for mobile service sign up will receive a booking notification.
Please note that only 1 registration is allowed per NRIC/FIN and email address.

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I am a Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) customer

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  I am renewing an existing StarHub mobile line

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  I am signing up for a new mobile line/porting my postpaid mobile number from another service provider/porting my StarHub prepaid mobile number.

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Why not get your phone and plan with other services you need.
I am already on/interested in HomeHub Go or SurfHub plan.
Bundle sign-up is subject to service eligibility checks upon collection.

StarHub 12Up

I am an existing StarHub 12Up customer and wish to return my eligible device for 12Up Program benefits.
What is StarHub 12Up?

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Allow us to inform you of any new offers and exclusive deals for this phone.
I consent to the collection and use by StarHub of my personal data which I have provided above, to contact me
(via calls or SMS to my Singapore telephone number) about StarHub services and value-added services
which are or will be offered with the abovementioned device(s) e.g promotional offers of StarHub value-added-services.
This consent remains valid for the period of 30 days from today.
I agree to the Registration of Interest Terms and Conditions

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